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    Make sure your corporate website is delivering its maximum return on your investment. Bill Hartzer, a corporate website marketing expert, explains how to brand your products, get more sales leads, monitor competitors, and use website reporting to gain competitive advantages.
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    Bill Hartzer put this website together for executives and managers (or anyone else) who want to justify the investment in their business to business corporate website. This is the first website that addresses corporate website marketing (specifically business to business B2B corporate marketing websites) and what you need to know in order to make sure your business to business B2B corporate website is paying for itself--by maximizing its return on investment.

    This website explains how the Internet plays an important role in the Business-to-Business Sales Cycle and why corporate web marketing is important if corporations expect to use their website as a sales tool. Even if you don't expect to be able to use your corporate website as a sales tool, the tips and techniques explained here will probably change your mind.

    Bill Hartzer explains that corporations need to pay particular attention to corporate website marketing, especially in times like these when management is looking to cut costs. Many executives don't realize how important a role the corporate website plays in the B2B Sales Cycle. Simply said, if a potential customer cannot find the corporate website when they're looking for a product or service the company sells, then the corporate website is not seeing its maximum return on investment.

    Business to Business Corporate Website Marketing is different than traditional Internet Marketing. The audience is different and has different needs. The typical visitor to a business to business corporate website is more "web savvy" than the typical visitor to a website that is geared towards the typical consumer or a website that sells products direct to consumers.

    "Especially in niche markets, where there are only a few dozen suppliers of a particular product or service, potential customers turn to the Internet to find these niche products and services. If a corporation's website appears at the top of the list when a search is performed by the potential customer, there is a very good chance that they will inquire about that product or service. If a corporation's website is not found easily on the Internet, then they will lose out on many valuable sales leads, inquiries, and Requests for Proposals (RFPs)" says Bill Hartzer.

    If you explore this website further, Bill Hartzer explains business to business b2b corporate website marketing and the many online web marketing techniques that are involved, including search engine listings, sponsored or paid listings on the search engines, online webinars, and email marketing techniques. He discusses the need to convert website visitors into valuable sales leads, and what works and what doesn't work.

    After all of the techniques are discussed, Bill Hartzer explains how to make corporate web marketing work for your business. He discusses how to work with the marketing department, the webmaster, the search engine optimizer, and why the sales people are a valuable part of making corporate web marketing work.

    Because management needs specific proof of a corporate website's ROI, reports are discussed. The detailed information that website reports should include is discussed, as well as information that will not necessarily interest upper management. The particular keyword phrases that potential customers use to find a corporate website can be valuable, though. For example, if these keyword phrases are tracked over a period of time, they will show whether certain products are becoming more popular or less popular. This information is key because it can provide executives with knowledge about how certain products and services are doing in the marketplace, how many inquiries their company is receiving about these products and services, and how many inquiries are turning into sales and into actual sales for the company.

    Go ahead, take a look around this website. This website is here to help explain how a corporate website can achieve its maximum return on investment.

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