Search Engine Marketing from the Beginning

Search engine marketing should be included right at the beginning of the process of marketing a new product or service. The normal turnaround time for search engine marketing is two to three months. It usually takes two to three months from the time search engine optimization for a particular keyword is complete to the time actual traffic begins to show up on a corporation’s website. So, if search engine marketing is involved in the beginning, by the time the product is ready to be sold a corporation can start to see an interest in that particular product.

When the marketing process begins, the search engine marketing process should begin. A specific list of keywords that describe the product being marketed should be developed. These keywords must reflect what a potential customer would type in when they use a search engine to look for that type of product. These keywords or phrases should also appear in product literature and other marketing documents used to market the product or service. Print ads, industry articles, product brochures, and press releases are all examples of where you can find these keywords.

By establishing a specific list of keywords for a product or service, further keyword research by an experienced Search Engine Optimization Specialist can be done in order to narrow down the list. Once the list is narrowed down to a reasonable amount of keywords that describe the product or service, a decision can be made as to whether it is appropriate to establish a new website and domain name for that product. This decision will also include many other variables, such as the competition’s domain names and current search engine listings for the targeted keywords. Search engine optimization can then begin. Once search engine optimization is complete, the search engines are notified of the new web pages, and the waiting begins. It usually takes two to three months for some search engines to pick up the new web pages and list them. Depending on the search engine positions for the targeted keywords and the amount of competition for these keywords, further optimization may be necessary. The time involved to maintain the search engine listings varies greatly, also depending on the number of other websites competing for the same top search engine positions. After all, only one website can be at the top.

Because it takes a significant amount of time (up to a few months) to get top search engine positions for specific keywords, it becomes increasingly important to begin the search engine marketing process early in the product development stage. In fact, search engine marketing could even begin as early as the research phase; by testing various keywords on optimized web pages, getting search engine listings for these keywords, and analyzing the traffic to these optimized web pages, a corporation can gauge the interest and potential marketability of those products or services.

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