Privacy Policies

It is imperative that Corporations develop a privacy policy and post it on the website. If a corporation collects user information (like most companies do), it is imperative that the corporation tells its users what it does with the contact information given to the corporation and what the corporation won’t do with it. Companies need to tell their website visitors that they will share the data with companies owned by the Parent Company but will not sell the data to third parties (unless, of course, the company plans on selling the data). Privacy policies also typically include a contact email address and/or the company’s contact address and phone number so website visitors concerned about their privacy (and how it relates to the company’s website) can contact the corporation if they have questions. Privacy policies also should tell users how to “opt-out” of any mailing lists that the company maintains.

Sample Privacy Policy – Sample privacy policy from the Better Business Bureau.

TRUSTe is an organization that helps businesses provide Privacy Policies and peace of mind to their website visitors. TRUSTe,, provides this information about their organization:

“TRUSTe is an independent, non-profit privacy initiative dedicated to building users’ trust and confidence on the Internet and accelerating growth of the Internet industry. We’ve developed a third-party oversight “seal” program that alleviates users’ concerns about online privacy, while meeting the specific business needs of each of our licensed Web sites.

The TRUSTe program is backed by a multi-faceted assurance process that establishes Web site credibility, thereby making users more comfortable when making online purchases or providing personal information.”

Corporations that participate in the TRUSTe program are given a graphic and a link to display on their website. This shows that they are a part of the TRUSTe program.

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