Sales People

In order for corporate website marketing to see any return on investment, it is imperative that the sales people do their job; they must follow up on all of the leads generated from a corporate website and help report the results.

If at all possible, sales leads acquired through corporate website marketing should be made available in real time. It should also be as easy as possible gain access to these sales leads; as long as someone has an internet connection, sales people should be able to log in and get them at any time.

Sales leads should be stored in a secure location (i.e., a secure website requiring a user id and password), and should load quickly when using a 56k internet connection. The ability to export sales leads into a comma-separated file (so they can be imported into a spreadsheet application) is also helpful.

If it’s not easy to access the sales leads, sales will not access them, thus destroying all ROI of your corporate website marketing efforts.

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