Search Engine Optimizers SEOs

Search engine optimizers, commonly called SEOs or search engine optimization specialists, are different than webmasters. They keep up with the latest techniques to make sure that a website gets to and remains at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). This involves daily work, including testing, manipulating, and recommending certain changes to web pages on a corporate website. This can involve link strategies (requesting links from other websites), as well as minor wording changes to web pages.

In-House SEOs

In-house SEOs are search engine optimizers or SEO specialists. They are designated as in-house SEOs since they are employed by one company and only work on that company’s website(s). The tasks that an SEO performs typically are the same as another SEO who doesn’t work in-house. Working as an in-house SEO, they’re typically more in-tune to the business needs, and can spend more time working on the company’s SEO.

Agency SEOs

An agency SEO, typically referred to as an SEO, will be employed by an SEO agency, but works on the SEO for more than one website. On any given day, an SEO may work on several different websites. As an SEO myself who has worked for several different SEO agencies over the years, I can tell you that I’ve personally worked on up to 20 different websites in one 8 hour day.

SEOs who are not in-house SEOs can typically provide a unique perspective on the company’s SEO and, with enough experience, can provide a good ROI when hired to provide a technical SEO audit service. Agency SEOs, or SEOs employed by agencies or digital marketing agencies, typically keep up with the latest SEO techniques and best practices, as they see SEO and am involved with SEO for several different websites–and can see what’s working and what’s not working. For example, they may apply an SEO technique for one website, it may work well for one client, and they can then apply that same technique to help another website’s SEO.

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